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Best Kept Secret for High Performing CEO’s – Vistage!

Are you working more hours than anyone else in your business?

Are you all alone making the hard decisions?

Do you have business advisers you trust, that are willing to challenge and hold you accountable?

Does leaders helping leaders make better decisions and run better businesses sound appealing? 

Are you ready for insight and advice from smart peers just like you who tell you what you need to hear?

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Let's Figure Out What Works

CEO Peer Groups

Purpose built Vistage groups to help members become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results. Engage with the brightest people in the community. Be an adviser and advisee.

Grow Your Talent From Within

If your company is filled with young emerging leaders, they need a roadmap. My coaching strategies help emerging leaders grow their skills.

Accelerate Your Growth

I have spent nearly 30 decades trying to figure out how to make you not look like the person down the street. If you are brave enough to differentiate, lets roll up our sleeves and go to work together. Make sure you have coffee!

What My Members Have to Say

Belonging to Vistage, and to Group 3597 in particular, changed the direction of my career. Through the collective wisdom and support of the other members of our group, I have founded and grown a business in five years and now am merging that business with my largest customer. It is amazing the collective experience, intellect and support that is available in this group. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.
Steve Kidwell
President at Kidwell Engineering and Design
When I found my way to Louisville, one of the first things I did was get a list of Vistage chairs in the area. I interviewed each of them, I felt an immediate connection with Michael Strickland and his group. I've benefited greatly from my Vistage membership in a couple of areas. One is the ability to hold each other accountable. To be in the element with peers who are holding you accountable to what you say you're going to do has been very helpful.
Lou Zaccone
Vice President at Harshaw Trane
Michael is an excellent Vistage Chair and Executive Coach. I have found his approach engaging and helpful to my business, augmenting the Vistage experience. As a Chair, Michael is all in with the group, whether meetings, one-to-one coaching or when he is needed for special opportunities or issues. Michael is also a great Executive Coach, a rare skill and very valuable to me as a Vistage member.​
Dax Whitehouse
CEO at HMS Global Maritime
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The Michael Strickland Group has been helping chief executive officers and key managers become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results; serving the Louisville Metro area since 2008, Michael’s Vistage groups are purpose built to help members help each other improve the performance and outcomes of their business.