Seeking a Few Good Leaders

If you are a Business Owner, CEO Managing partner let’s face it you are literally in the decision business. Often it’s a lonely the buck stops with you world.  There are many choices for seeking advice when you need it but it is usually difficult to find the right guidance to sort through the toughest business challenges and opportunities you face every day..

Mature Vistage CEO Peer group in Louisville seeking a few good leaders

Imagine a room filled with a diverse range of industries and backgrounds in a private and intimate setting ready to help you. No hidden agendas, or politics only smart men and women who run successful businesses ready to help. The group digs deeps and tells you not what you want to hear but challenge your thinking. No fluff, just real issues and real results.

Not Networking but Actually Working on Your Business With Others That Have Been There and Done That

  • Monthly problem-solving sessions with a peer team of chief executives, presidents and business owners
  • Followed by in-person leadership coaching session with a Vistage Chair, an accountability that someone at your level usually does not have.
  • Professionally facilitated peer groups with a seasoned Vistage Chair.
  • Small intimate workshop by national Vistage expert speakers
  • Connectivity resources, including an online best practices library, webinars and member conferences
  • Access to the Vistage global community of more than 21,000 business leaders

Research Verifies That Your Company Could Grow 3 X Faster

Research has revealed that companies that joined a Vistage group average three times the growth rate of average U.S. companies. Get the advice to tackle challenges head on, break through restraints and put groundbreaking best practice ideas into action with confidence. Ultimately improving your decisions and business results.

Work on Your Business with CEO’s, Executives and Owners Just like You

Get feedback on your toughest decisions from the business leader’s most effective sounding board — fellow leaders who have met and overcome the same challenges. This mature Vistage Group provides you with information, perspective, and sound advice to see beyond the day-to-day operations and focus on what’s truly critical — the strategic decisions that will grow your business.

Vistage is an Invitation Only membership organization but welcomes talent and no competitors may join.


About Michael Strickland

Michael Strickland, a former business owner, speaker and national growth consultant is a seasoned Vistage Chair who works with successful CEOs, Business Owners, and Key Executives  in the Louisville  KY metro area who have a strong desire to grow personally and professionally. Vistage Groups are confidential, invitation-only peer advisory boards that seek out the most successful members possible. For potential members who live outside of Louisville KY, please visit Download the Why Vistage Discussion. . If you live in the Louisville KY area, and you want to find out more about joining a mature Business group, please email Michael at

Vistage Group Launch in Louisville

Vistage Chair Michael Strickland launches new private advisory board for small businesses in Louisville

San Diego, October 6, 2015— Vistage Chair Michael Strickland has recently launched a new small business group in the Louisville, KY market. The new Vistage members will meet monthly to discuss business issues, share expertise, and provide one another confidential help to achieve their goals. Strickland is part of a community of more than 800 Chairs worldwide who lead local area groups, which total more than 20,000 members in 16 countries.

Vistage Regional Executive Rob Knauer applauded his success: “Michael, congratulations on the successful launch of your third Vistage group and the first SB group in the Commonwealth of Kentucky! As everyone knows, launching a new group is no easy undertaking. Michael’s experience of coaching small businesses and having been a small business owner himself makes this a perfect fit for the Small Business Peer Group he has put together. Great work Michael, we know that with you as their leader, your new members are in for a great Vistage peer group experience.”

For over 20 years, Michael has invested well over 15,000 hours consulting, advising and working directly with CEOs and business owners helping them take their business to the next level. First as a financial executive, followed by a business owner and now a Vistage Chair. His role primarily involved strategic consulting, growth strategies, operational execution, and financial management of these companies. I have been a leadership mentor and CEO advisor since 2008 for small and large businesses in the Louisville area that represent over $800M in gross revenue and more than 1000 employees. Michael has a BS in Business from Western Kentucky University and served the US during the Viet Nam Conflict. Over the course of his career, he has had the privilege to help lead many business units and business leaders and is truly humbled to partner with Vistage to continue his passion.

about Vistage International
Founded in 1957 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Vistage assembles and facilitates private advisory boards for CEOs, senior executives and business owners. Vistage members participate in monthly, Chair-led private advisory board meetings. More than 20,000 members in 16 countries also have access to one-to-one executive coaching, expert speakers, and our global network of business leaders.

Goal Setting? Plan or Execute


Setting goals is the ritual this time of year but often it is just that..a ritual. A ritual that makes perfect business sense but runs the risk of being a plan that is filled with a lot of “plan”  but with less accountability for  “executing”. This year focus on the execution and not the plan.

It is  very easy to create a plans. Let’s say we are going to lose 15lbs in the next 60 days. How quickly can you come up the “plan” to lose weight?  Eat less, count calories, exercise! In ten seconds  were done but haven’t lost an ounce. Losing the weight is all about execution.  What behaviors do I need to do today and then tomorrow and the next day.

Of course the old adage “Fail to Plan Plan to Fail” is only half true. It should be “Fail to Plan- Fail to Execute- Plan to Fail”  is a lot more accurate.

I advise CEO’s to think in terms of execution and accountability not plans.


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If you are a business owner, CEO or Key Executive and want to learn about Vistage Private Advisory Boards register for our Discover Vistage Breakfast Event  June 2nd at Glen Oaks Country Club 7:30 at to 10:00 am