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  • CEO’s

    Michael has been bringing together successful CEO’s, executives and business owners into private advisory groups in the Metro Louisville area since 2008. Michael’s groups are purpose built to help members help each other improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses!

    Group Meetings

    Thinly reasoned conclusions have no place in a Vistage Group. The hallmark of our groups is what is called Issue Processing. Engaged CEO’s helping you solve a problem or offer advice with no other interest but to help a colleague make an informed decision. No topics are off limits in the confidential environment guided by the chair.


    Members receive monthly one-to-one coaching from Michael Strickland, their Vistage Chair, an objective business advisor offering advice, insight, accountability and support.

    National expert speaker workshops

    We fly in nationally recognized experts to deliver fresh perspectives and practical insights, and inspire breakthrough ideas—all in a small-group environment, so their content can be tailored to each Vistage member’s specific needs.

    MYVistage Connect technology expands your reach nationally and internationally throughout the Vistage International portal. Ask questions and find best practices all over the world.

    Put Michael and 16 of your peers to work for you and your business!

    Invest 30 minutes of your time with Michael over coffee to learn how Louisville business owners and key executives are tapping into to their peers to grow their businesses and balance their lives.

    Take the next easy step and strengthen your business today.

    National expert speaker workshops