• Monthly Meetings

Why Vistage and Why Michael as a Chair?

I have spent the last decade of my career helping Leaders, CEO’s. Managing partners, Senior Executives of all types come together in one room with the sole mission of helping each other be a more inspiring leader that makes better decision.  There is something special about peers helping peers.

But here is the catch. 

You are invited to join and yes, it requires an investment for your personal development.

Qualities I look for to invite someone to join our mature high performing groups.

I determine if you are curious about what you don’t know.

People who are unselfish to help colleagues work through challenges and opportunities.

I appreciate lifelong learners. We invite national speakers who are leaders in their area of expertise to provide small group interaction while also providing best practices.


Are you a leader willing to be asked the hard questions by people who are willing to tell you the truth?

My mission is simple; to find and invite high level executives that are willing to listen, and offer advice to a colleague.

You understand the need to work on their businesses instead of in it but can’t break away from the daily grind.

Eventually you get your life back.  

If you want a better business and get what you really want.

Why Vistage International?

I sought out -some years back- to partner with the best of best and a global proven resource that is exclusively designed for leaders of organizations. Their mission was identical to mine. Offering leaders of large or small businesses to learn what they don’t know. I learned that Vistage International is not a  hype or a networking group to meet and greet and then sell business. It is a serious working group to discover your blind spots by peers and people you trust. The group and your Chair have no agenda except to challenge you to be a better leader.

When I found my way to Louisville, one of the first things I did was get a list of Vistage chairs in the area. I interviewed each of them; I felt an immediate connection with Michael Strickland and his group. I've benefited greatly from my Vistage membership in a couple of areas. One is the ability to hold each other accountable. To be in the element with peers who are holding you accountable to what you say you're going to do has been very helpful.
Lou Zaccone
Vice President at Harshaw Trane

Why would the average member stay (7) years in a group?

The unexpected surprise and gift of this work.  Members are on a mission to create a more successful business, which they almost always do, but in the process they become better human beings.

Monthly Meetings

A vistage group has no room for thinly reasoned conclusions. The hallmark of our groups is what is calles issue processing.  Issue processing is working through a problem with the help of engaged CEOs offering you advice. Your peers are here to help you make an informed decision. There are no topics that are off limits in the confidential environment guided by the chair.

One to One Every Month with Michael

Members receive monthly one-to-one coaching from Michael Strickland, an objective business adviser willing to ask the hard questions you will not get from employees.

National Expert Speakers

We fly in nationally recognized experts to deliver fresh perspectives, practical insights, and inspire breakthrough ideas—all in a small-group environment. Their content can be tailored to each Vistage member’s specific needs.

MYVistage Connect

MYVistage Connect technology expands your reach nationally and internationally throughout the Vistage International portal. Ask questions and find best practices all over the world.

Invest 30 minutes of your time with Michael over coffee to learn how Louisville business owners and key executives are tapping into to their peers to grow their businesses and balance their lives.

Take the next easy step and strengthen your business today.