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Michael Strickland

Vistage 10-Year Chair Award (2019)

Michael Strickland is a proven resource.  He is an emeritus member of the National Speakers Association, a proven business mentor, and growth strategist with over 30 years of experience coaching and teaching CEOs and Executives. He is a recognized Growth Brand Strategist and Sales Coach both nationally and especially in the Metro Louisville area.

Michael has brought together his experience and the nation’s best resources for helping companies focus on the new realities of growing a successful company in today’s shifting world. He states “companies today are faced with a total shift in how to create interest in their products and services and winning business. In order to have the opportunity to ask the right questions, which most training is focused on,  you have to get the attention and interest of your buyer first!  Most companies are trying to figure out that new reality”

Michael’s street savvy skills are helping sales teams move from the old paradigm of prospecting in person for new clients to the new digital reality and attention economy. 

His Growth Academy introduced in 2020 offers a unique resource especially for smaller businesses to leverage their sales presence in the markets they serve.

Because of his authentic teaching style and passion for business, he has inspired hundreds of clients and teams to achieve results.

Michael a recognized brand strategist and sales coach also received the Vistage International 10-Year Chair Award in 2019 as a successful CEO coach and mentor. He was the recipient of the Louisville Business First Salute to Veteran’s Award in 2017 as a former Veteran who successfully contributed to businesses for over two decades as the owner of the Michael Strickland Group.

Michael’s Growth Academy was designed to be a resource for all things growth of your business. If you are wanting a new focus for aligning your team,  and a  decision-maker focused on results schedule an introductory call with Michael.

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