Goal setting is the ritual this time of year but often it is just that..a ritual. A ritual that makes perfect business sense but runs the risk of being a plan that is filled with a lot of “plan” but with less accountability for “executing”. This year focus on the execution and not the plan.

It is very easy to create a plans. Let’s say we are going to lose 15lbs in the next 60 days. How quickly can you come up the “plan” to lose weight? Eat less, count calories, exercise! In ten seconds were done but haven’t lost an ounce. Losing the weight is all about execution. What behaviors do I need to do today and then tomorrow and the next day.

Of course the old adage “Fail to Plan Plan to Fail” is only half true. It should be “Fail to Plan- Fail to Execute- Plan to Fail” is a lot more accurate.

I advise CEO’s to think in terms of execution and accountability not plans.

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