The right leadership program takes you one step ahead in your career. Unfortunately, not every program in the industry suits the specific needs of an individual and does not necessarily deliver the desired results. You will use much consideration and care to ensure that the right program is chosen.

Think Beyond Inspirational Speeches

Leadership training programs must not be designed as a process that imparts information about industry leaders. Programs should not involve talking about what motivates others. Instead, it should focus on getting members of the program down to the field to discover themselves and their aptitude for leadership.

An On-Going Process That Offers Access to Other Resources

Leadership programs must not end after a few hours of classroom learning. The program must feature opportunities for business networking, communication with others leaders, workshop participation, and access to resources. For example, conferences, webinars, and global communities like Vistage in Louisville.

Peer Groups From Across Diverse Business Backgrounds

Peer groups are better when it comes to identifying the real problems and finding the potential solutions rather than relying on case studies and theoretical content. They help in setting up a better context and may also develop into a source of inherent accountability. Therefore these programs must focus on bringing peer groups from across different backgrounds together.

Apart from these qualities, the worthiness of a program can be assessed through factors like promotion rates, engagement scores, and retention rate of leaders.

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