Is it lonely at the top? Do I have a trusted group of advisers that i can turn to for business advice?

Sometimes you need to make tough decisions and sometimes it does not make sense to discuss with your management team or employees. It is hard to get feedback on your toughest decisions. You need a sounding board and you don’t have one. The Chief Executive Program allows your peers to offer answers to your questions and more importantly, challenges your answers until you’re certain that you’ve got it right.

Do I desire and like the idea of continuing to learn?

I often hear “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Having a resource for best practices in business is hard to find but when you get together successful business owners sharing ideas that have worked and for that matter have not worked, there is a ton of efficiency in that kind of discussion. That is at the core of a well-orchestrated peer group.

How to be a better leader and get better results.

Lets face it, the scorecard for business is the numbers, but numbers are created by people. Being a better leader is not seminar, but a life journey on how to lead effectively. The average tenure of a Vistage member is seven years. That is a built in success trap and accountability for being a better leader.

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